Happietaria Enschede 2017 has closed already and raised € 21.723.

In Sudan, many forms of violence are still taking place, such as murder, torture, rape and bombings. The area has a turbulent history with the independence of South Sudan, conflicts that are still ongoing and natural disasters such as drought. Many parents keep their children at home to make them work and also because there are no good hygiene facilities. Teachers are not motivated, because there is only a low budget for education from the government.



With the project Happietaria is funding, ZOA provides:

  • a safe learning environment (sound buildings and adequate sanitair facilities)
  • improved education material
  • a higher quality of education (better qualified teachers and smaller groups of children)

The access and quality of improved education will provide future perspective for children and communities in Darfur, Sudan, and contribute to peace and stability in the area.



ZOA was established in the Netherlands in 1973 to help in Southeast Asia, where the name comes from. Because ZOA has headquarters in fifteen different countries now, they know what is going on and what people need in times of difficulties. They help victims of natural disasters and violent conflicts and support them to become self-sufficient. This leads to provision of food and accomation first and afterwards education, infrastructure and work. In every project, their goal is to hand the project over to local authorities. You can read more about ZOA here.