Happietaria Enschede 2017 has closed already and raised € 21.723.

Happietaria is a pop-up restaurant that is fully run by volunteers, mostly students, and of which the income goes to a charity. This edition is the first Happietaria in Enschede since five years! The restaurant was open from 19th of May until 16th of June. The project we were raising money for is from ZOA and it is set up to give children in Sudan a renewed future perspective. In this turbulent area, ZOA is going to provide good education and other facilities to enable children to go back to school. So supporting a charity while you’re having a nice dinner? Reserve a table and have a great evening!




Nine Happietarias will be set up this academic year in different student cities country-wide. Coordination for these initiatives comes from foundation Happy Gift. Thousands of volunteers have contributed and millions of euros have been spent on projects spread over the world since the first action in 1993.

With seven persons in the Happietaria Management Team (HMT), seven committees and tens of volunteers we can establish the restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious dinner while you are supporting the project in Sudan.

We would like to introduce the HMT to you:

GertJan Engberts – Chairman & Secretary

Koen Dwarshuis – Treasurer & Legal

Hanneke Maan – Building

Gerko Schaap – Kitchen

Christine Hammink – Sponsorships & Purchasement

Gert Jan Groot Wassink – Staff

Titia van Dam – PR & Charity


Identification Committee

Happietaria is nationally recommended by:

Ruud Lubbers – Minister of State (former Prime Minister)

Jan Pronk – President of the Society for International Development (SID)

Bert de Vries – Prof. Economy Erasmus Univ. (former Minister of Social Affairs)

Herman Wijffels – Economist and prof. Sustainability and societal developments, Utrecht

Lonny Gerungan – TV chief-cook of the TROS programme “de Reistafel”

Bert van Leeuwen – TV host Evangelische Omroep (EO)


Happietaria is regionally recommended by:

Dr. G.O. van Veldhuizen – Mayor of Enschede

Prof. Dr. T.T.M. Palstra – Rector magnificus Universiteit Twente

ChristenUnie Enschede

CDA Enschede

Ds. A. Mol  – minister Reformed Church Liberated in Enschede North